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A Case on a Case: Embedding Sustainable Entrepreneurship Into a Managerial-Skills Course

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  • Autor
  • Año de publicación 2015
  • Idioma Inglés
This paper documents the experience of bringing a real-business challenge into the classroom using a case that demonstrates an issue in a local utility company: the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Aqueduct. The local case study shows the dilemma the manager of a public utilities company must confront, faced with the poor impact of the bottled water business unit on income results.On the one hand, the Board of Directors is totally oriented toward financial results and perceives interesting business potential with the massive development of this product in the region. On the other hand, the natural discussion about taking advantage of that potential and what the company should do in terms of strategy tends to omit its true purpose and the strong policy of social responsibility, which should go against a business that is continually being challenged in terms of the destruction of social and environmental value that it generates (bottled water).Then, this challenge appeals to the innovative sense of the students in the Managerial Skills course of the Industrial Engineering program at the Industrial University of Santander by using active innovation methodologies such as teaching through case studies and design thinking in order to formulate different alternative business models for bottled water so that, along the lines of the actual purpose of the organization, they are able to generate, simultaneously, financial results as well as good environmental and social outcomes.The contribution of this case study centers on the validity of the results generated in terms of acceptance, motivation, and learning by making combined use of concepts such as sustainability, entrepreneurship, and education in innovation. The fact that it is a known, everyday company increased the levels of participation at the time of the respective feedback, and presumably, the students' ability to understand the concepts related to the shared value creation in new ventures creation today.
Citación recomendada (normas APA)
Orlando Enrique; Rodríguez Contreras Pacheco, "A Case on a Case: Embedding Sustainable Entrepreneurship Into a Managerial-Skills Course", Bucaramanga (Colombia):-, 2015. Consultado en línea en la Biblioteca Digital de Bogotá (, el día 2023-03-29.

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A Case on a Case: Embedding Sustainable Entrepreneurship Into a Managerial-Skills Course

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